Finals season is upon us, which means bring on the coffee, library dates and all-nighters. How fun is it to cram a semester’s worth of information all in one night, or seeing all the statuses on social media of people saying how hard they are studying.

The saddest part about finals week is putting an end to your relationship with Netflix. It was the only thing that was there for you throughout the semester, that comforted you when you failed your test, because you had spent all night with them the night before.

Most of us would agree that the only thing keeping us from dropping out is knowing that summer is just around the corner. Also, it’s the time when the campus’s level of fashion drops dramatically. Majority of students are too tired to care about how they look, that it’s an accomplishment if we even brush our hair. But, there is always those few that don’t let finals week interfere with looking their very best.

This Fashionista was not hard to spot on campus. Not only was she looking chic, but she was also full of energy. She is wearing a gray crop top, boyfriend jeans, Converse and ties a plaid flannel shirt around her waist to finish her ensemble. Tying your shirt around your waist has made a comeback. This look used to be considered a grunge style in the ’90s, but today, it has become casual. To finish her look this Fashionista wears a necklace to add a fancier touch to her outfit.

Although it’s finals week, don’t let the stress and lack of sleep keep you from looking great. Put that cute outfit on, and go ace that exam in style!

How To: Tie a flannel shirt around your waist. It’s a great way to add a layer to your ensemble, and also soft enough to dry your tears while you take your exam.