ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fedoras Not Only For Pharrell

Elevating you around campus look from “I am really trying to look trendy” to “dang, I know I look good, all those guys on the basketball team just checked me out” is quite simple. We all know how to layer different pieces and mix and match different textures, but a skill we all must acquire is one that forces us out of our comfort zone. Accent accessories always act as a personal tribute to the image you are trying to portray. Time and time again I find myself rummaging through the Urban Outfitters accessory section of the Midtown store. In this little hub I am always in search of one item and one item only, a FAB hat.

During my post test, heck yes midday coffee walk to class, I spotted this Fashionista strutting her stuff rocking THE hat I have been searching for. Her “I know you just checked me out, girl” walk made it impossible for me not to pull her over and ask a few style questions. The Fashionista kindly accepted my overwhelming compliment and gave me all the fashion details.

Her basic grunge-inspired outfit paired with her hobo tote and killer hat makes a lethal combination. The leather detail in the hat tied together the leather in her pants and shoes. The oversized brim categorizes this hat as a transitional piece from fall to winter. As the Fashionista described her favorite components to her look, we ended up just diving into a conversation about hats.

We began obsessing over beach babe straw cowboy hats like this. Additionally, we talked about different color statement hats like this. Finally, we discussed her next purchase, the springtime hat like this.

How To: This look can be replicated by taking any simple outfit, either an oversized sweater or favorite jacket and pair it with a statement hat. Your look will go from classroom fab to please, can I get a cab!!