ALL IN THE DETAILS: Faux Fur and Frozen Flurries

February 15th, 2017 at 2:10am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Faux Fur and Frozen Flurries

Winter and fall fashion has always been my favorite. Not much makes me happier than when it is finally cold enough to break out my thick boots, thermals, and warm sweaters. Sadly, once you hit the dead of winter, your stylish efforts can diminish and leave you looking like a jumbo marshmallow in all your layered glory.

Chilly temperatures may be the biggest reason sweatpants and leggings are one of the most popular articles of clothing during the winter season. While some Fashionistas/os may dress them down with a T-shirt and sneakers, others find ways to work leggings into their wardrobe without costing them style. This Fashionista, for instance, conquered this feat without sacrificing her comfort by focusing attention on her faux fur coat.

Pairing a basic pair of black leggings with this coat is one of the best ways to stay comfortable and warm in the freezing temperatures of Ohio. This Fashionista keeps the look neutral with a cool tone palette of gray and black. She tops her leggings off with a cute graphic sweatshirt, black booties, and a studded black shoulder bag.

I’ve never seen one person look bad in black, which is definitely why it is such a classic. This look evokes a fashionable and moody vibe that’s perfect for telling off the cold weather. Ditch your parka for a day and try something more funky (like this Fashionista!), and I promise that you won’t regret it (unless it’s five degrees outside, in which case you might).