December 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

Styling for autumn in Miami is rather difficult. You go from chilly mornings to blistering hot afternoons, just to drop it like it’s hot (or maybe cold) in the evening. One way we Miamians have learned to conquer this rather hateful attitude of Mother Nature is that no matter where you go, you MUST take some form of a long sleeve garment with you. This is where our Fashionisto comes swaying in.

Although it is a basic outfit, it doesn’t fail to make us swoon with heart eye emojis. He starts off with a staple piece, black jeans. You can never go wrong with black jeans, as they are a must in any male or female closet. The tight fit of his jeans helps to elongate his body. To add some contrast and to keep him warm from the crisp air, he wore a heavy pure white cotton sweater. What makes this plain white sweater standout is the logo on the front. Simple as it may be, it adds a chic element to the look. Written on the front is “SOHO New York City.” Four words that make us long for Christmas time in NYC. This Fashionisto likes to keep it preppy with a thin denim shirt underneath, letting the collar pop out for a snap of color. Also, the denim adds another contrast against the smoothness of the white cotton. But let’s be real, what doesn’t denim look good with?

As for accessories? He wore a simple, silver shark tooth necklace that lands right below the middle of the collar. A black beaded bracelet and matching watch snug tightly on each of his wrists. The black watch has a glossy sheen to it. Now, if you’re from Miami, you know how every young man in this city has an obsession with socks. And no, not just any socks. Pattern socks. Neon socks. Nike Elite socks. Socks for men are like sports bras for women—you want them in every color and decoration imaginable. His socks are the biggest standout and something that adds an element of surprise. Whenever a guy sits down, you can’t help but notice what funky design he has on his socks. Mainly because no matter how groovy or weird they may be, they somehow manage to add to the look.

What I’ve learned from this stylish Fashionisto is that the simplest looks can make the biggest noise. Basic colors and pieces will never go out of style, and no matter what the weather may be like in Miami, we will always find a way and a time to break out our inner SoHo chic!