ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fall in Love with Embroidery

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fall in Love with Embroidery

Trying to find a good winter coat is like a serious treasure hunt. When you walk into most stores, their winter coats normally range from different shades of black and grays. Sometimes you’ll be able to find a fun color like red or light blue. Or if you’re really lucky, you’ll find a patterned coat; but then again, there aren’t normally that many choices for patterned coats either.

I absolutely fell in love with the coat pictured above. It’s really something out of a fairytale. This Fashionisto found his amazing coat while at a thrift store. So not only did he get something that’s hard to find, the cost of the coat was less than anything you could find at a normal store.

We both agreed that the coat looked to be out of a fairytale, which is why to him, the coat inspired a Cinderella theme for his outfit. The coat is light blue, with a flat collar and large light blue buttons that range from top to bottom. The coat has a beautiful flower-like embroidered pattern along the front and back of the coat, as well as along the sleeves. Definitely a statement piece for his wardrobe.

He explained his thought process of his outfit styling choices. Since the coat is so special, every other piece revolves around it. Seeing as the coat is such a light blue, he wanted the embroidered pieces to really pop, so he paired the coat with a darker blue texturized sweater. He also paired the outfit with some ripped boyfriend jeans to make the outfit more casual and a simple black bag. And of course, no Cinderella can forget her glass slippers or in this case some sparkling flats!