As we begin to get into the heart of fall sweater weather is in full swing. As we all know sweaters are one of the most versatile pieces for fall fashion. During this time of year there will be Fashionistas all over campus wearing different types sweaters therefore it is vital to find a sweater that represents you and your unique style.

Since we each have our own unmatchable sense of style we must look for a statement sweater to express ourselves.  I was walking through campus and I spotted one of these unique sweaters that caught my eye. This Fashionista has found a sweater that emphasizes her individuality.

This Fashionista is wearing wool and silk gray knit sweater, with some super entertaining detail on the sleeves. The sweater’s sleeves are filled with embellishments and appliqués of a glass of wine, silver stars, pink lips, silver gem stones and last but most definitely not least, French fries. The details on this piece are some of this Fashionista’s favorite things. It has become very popular to wear clothing that reminds of our childhood. For example sweaters like this one were very popular in the 90s. It seems they are starting to make a full circle, reminding us of our elementary school days.

She paired this charming sweater with a pair of light wash boyfriend jeans which create the perfect contrast of color. The intense tears in the jeans combined with a fun sweater add another element of contrast. On her feet, she has on a pair of black espadrilles flats and to top off this one of a kind ensemble, she added a few chic rings on each hand. The different rings on her fingers add to the distinctiveness of the look. Every element of this look has its own flair and together they create an adorable ensemble.

How To: To create your own unique sweater look, there are a few options. First, department stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s are filled with all different types of sweaters. With the right amount of time and patience you can find the perfect sweater to express your style. A second option is to make your own one-of-a kind sweater. For example, imitate the sweater here by taking a plain sweater and iron on patches of your choice for the sleeves.