ALL IN THE DETAILS: Enamored By Anchors

When you attend college in the Midwest for the majority of the year, where winter lingers nearly until finals, the beach can feel like a distant dream. One way to incorporate a little bit of the coast back into your day to day life is through your wardrobe. Not only will it remind you of warm, lazy days at the shore, but it will also put you in the mood for spring and summer, when you can finally relax on the beach for real. If, like me, you are not lucky enough to attend college along the coast of New England, revisit the beach with your wardrobe by integrating nautical details into your looks.

This Fashionisto accomplishes just that with a custom anchor print blazer from Gitman Vintage. He carries the maritime motif through with a tie featuring knotted rope and boat steering wheels, in addition to anchors. He pairs these with a crisp, white shirt, gray dress pants and brown loafers. He exhibits his eye for detail by incorporating a white pocket square and gray and blue socks. His backpack matches his navy and red blazer, while featuring knotted-rope details.

How To: If spring seems to be dragging its feet and cabin fever is getting you down, channel your inner beach-goer and experiment with a sea-inspired look! Try colors like navy, gray, white and red. Pair them with a coordinating pattern like stripes. Keep in mind that printed socks can be a great way to accessorize. Complete the theme with an anchor or fishhook bracelet. Spring Break may be here and gone, but summer is on its way!