ALL IN THE DETAILS: Effortless Beauty

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Effortless Beauty

When scrambling through our closets to pick the perfect outfit for the day, at times we Fashionista/os tend to get stressed out when racing against the clock. After trying on outfit after outfit, some days we just aren’t satisfied with our look. Picking out the perfect outfit can sometimes take way longer than expected, causing us to ultimately shove our sweatpants back on from the night before in utter defeat or worse—go with the outfit we first tried on. When I find myself struggling in the morning I have to pause, take a look in the mirror and remind myself to just go with the outfit I feel most comfortable in and own it!

For this Fashionista, dressing in what she feels most comfortable and confident in is as easy as 1-2-3. Her radiant beauty shines not only through her smile and her confidence, but her seemingly effortlessly adorable outfit. Now that the weather has warmed up a bit (can I get a hallelujah?!), she adapts her appropriate articles of clothing to the fresh breeze and sunshine.

The first thing I notice about her look is the unique way she tied her striped shirt into a knot. Not only is this a trendy way to spice up a simple T-shirt but it also gives her outfit her own personal spin. She chooses to keep her ensemble neutral with black leggings and a breezy gray cardigan. However, she adds some pop to the neutral tones with an edgy pair of cherry red Dr. Martens and her vintage-inspired shoulder bag.

How To: Cramped for time and rushing to put together a killer outfit for class? Follow this Fashionista’s example and turn simple pieces chic by adding doses of your own personal style to your outfit. Whether it is with a simple knotted T-shirt or a show-stopping pair of Dr. Martens, feeling beautiful and confident in yourself is the best (and most important) accessory you can have!