ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dressed in Denim

Think back, all the way to the start of your undeniably curated wardrobe. Through years of velour sweatsuits, Bermuda shorts, and every other fad that has come and gone, there’s one piece that has always been a staple: the denim jacket. Whether it had a silver butterfly on the back—as you can be sure my first denim jacket did—or it is of the timeless oversize variety, there’s no escaping this must-have piece.

Waking up in the morning, there’s always conversation among my roommates of what the weather will be like, and how we should dress for the day ahead. Because the weather is so variable here in New York City, spring is complicated to dress for. In the fall, it’s easy to toss your trusty denim jacket on over a long sleeve shirt and your favorite skinnies, but it’s even better in the unreliable springtime weather as a light, but necessary layer. It often turns out that on the way to class, it’s breezy and chilly, but by the time the class is let out, the sun is out in full force and a layer has to be shed.

This Fashionista’s look is the perfect representation of this struggle. She has on a super simple black dress, but threw her denim jacket on to protect against the breeze. Although some may choose to swap their dark colors for brighter colors in the spring, there really is no bad time for a black dress. Paired with a choker, light booties, and her denim jacket, this black dress is perfectly springy and—much to Miranda Priestly’s delight—doesn’t resort to florals for spring.

To rock your favorite denim jacket this spring, don’t let yourself be tempted by traditional spring looks. Try out layering with unusual spring colors like black or blood orange to get you through the semester and into the summer with style.