March is the biggest transition month⏤both for the changing seasons and our wardrobes. Going to school in the Midwest means experiencing four seasons, from humid and hot summers, to golden fall and snowy winter, and to rainy spring. However, transitioning between seasons doesn’t mean you have to go out and overhaul your whole wardrobe. This Fashionisto shows us how it’s done with his key transition pieces that can go from winter to spring.

Any Fashionista/o knows that double denim is making a comeback for both men and women. What used to be a fashion “don’t” is now becoming all the rage. The key to double denim is mixing hues, and this Fashionisto does just that in his transition pieces: a staple, dark wash denim jacket and black wash jeans.

A classic denim jacket is the perfect transition piece for all seasons, and it can even be played up with some patches or distressing. This Fashionisto prefers to keep his jacket clean and simple with minimal distressing to stay versatile and so it can be used for years to come. Layering during transitional seasons is key, and he chose a longline T-shirt underneath to complement the classic jacket with a fresh style. His classic, slim black jeans are perfect for the colder, rainier days.

Detailing is key in simpler looks, and this Fashionisto knows how to pay attention to detail. He paired his black and copper detailed watch to match the copper detailed hardware on the jean jacket. Mixing hardware accents can be a statement, while matching hardware accents creates a more classic and simple look.

Believe it or not, boots can be used as transition pieces too. A lighter leather is perfect for a spring vibe. Boots also help his feet stay dry and warm on cold or rainy days. He chose to wear his boots underneath his jeans with rolled up cuffs at the bottom. Any Fashionista/o can easily tuck their jeans into the boots or roll the cuffs up to hit above the boots for a more versatile style.