ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dope in Vintage

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Dope in Vintage

The details in an outfit can either make it or break it. I have seen people wear outfits that would have looked a lot better if they hadn’t added a certain something—maybe a ring that is just too big or a necklace that is just too bulky. This Fashionisto knew exactly what to do to make his outfit look good or as I like to say, dope.

This Fashionisto brought a vintage Reebok windbreaker jacket back to life. By wearing a red Ralph Lauren hoodie underneath, he added a pop of color to his white and navy jacket. Though this jacket was made in the 1980s, this Fashionisto brought it into 2017 and made it his.

He then kept it simple with a pair of blue Levi’s jeans and wheat-colored Timberland boots. I honestly could not think of a pair of shoes that would have looked better with his outfit.

For his accessories, he kept it dope and wore a gold box chain and a gold rope chain. While the two gold chains added color to his mainly white jacket, they also paired well with his boots. He then wore his prescribed Ray-Ban clear frame glasses. Who knew prescribed glasses could look so cool? This added the final 1980s touch to his outfit.

I’m really into 1970s and 1980s fashion right now which is why his outfit really caught my eye on the way to class. I hope you guys liked his outfit as I much I did and remember to stay dope!