ALL IN THE DETAILS: Don't Rain On My Parade

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Don't Rain On My Parade

What is one to do when the skies are gray, the air is cold, and the semester is really starting to sink in? Don’t let the doom and gloom weather sink your spirits! One of the easiest ways to add some fun to your day is to wear a bright outfit that you love. This Fashionista’s outfit is a perfect example of adding some sunshine to the gloomy days that have befallen us recently.

The main aspect of this look is the statement T-shirt. Graphic T-shirts are an excellent choice when you want to stay comfy but still make a statement. No matter how much you might want to dress up, nothing is easier than throwing on a T-shirt ten minutes before 8 a.m. Black jeans and boots tone down the bright shirt and creates a sense of unity in the look. The cream-colored rain jacket is both functional and fashionable. The light color contrasts with the black and focuses the attention on the upper half of her body.

Jewelry and accessories can elevate a casual look into something much cooler. Her layered gold necklaces add interest to the outfit and complement the gold hardware on the jacket. The gorgeous bottle cap belt adds even more interest. The beauty in this piece is that you wouldn’t notice it unless you looked closely, and when you do see it, it ups the ante of the outfit considerably.

As the rainy, gloomy days slowly lead us into spring, try to convey some positivity with your outfits. A great look can make your day so much brighter!