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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Distressed to Impress

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Distressed to Impress

A style that I have always been fascinated with is the “casual and cool” look. You know, the people that look like they rolled out of bed, threw on some clothes, and they magically have become a masterpiece. Achieving this look is definitely something I believe all of us wish to be lucky enough to create. After many Pinterest searches and trips to the mall, I have a few tips and tricks under my sleeve to rock this look.

My first tip is to stock up on cute and unique graphic T-shirts! Whether it shows your favorite band or a funny saying, they are such an easy way to express your personality. This Fashionista has a white and gray striped shirt that says, “Good Vibes.” It casually shows someone her personality without even having to know her, which I love.

One of the hottest trends right now are distressed boyfriend jeans. These jeans are the ultimate piece to a casual and cool look. From high-waisted to ripped, there are so many different kinds of boyfriend jeans. I am telling you, you need to get your hands on a pair. When I first started wearing them I felt uncomfortable since I have been used to the skin tight, skinny jeans that have been trendy for years. Once you find your ride or die pair of these jeans, you will not turn back. Boyfriend jeans are so unbelievably comfortable and everyone will think you look super stylish in them.

This Fashionista’s army green jacket perfectly captures a cool girl vibe. The structured fit and eyelet detailing on the shoulders and pockets keep the look girly. Army green has become such a neutral color and can be found in many Fashionista’s closets. If you do not have any pieces of this color, I highly suggest investing in a simple jacket such as the one pictured. It can be paired with so many different looks and is the perfect light jacket for spring.

Lastly are her brown distressed boots. I absolutely loved how distressed her boots were. Even though they do not look fresh out of the box, they add an antique look to the outfit. Any worn, brown leather immediately draws my eye. These boots perfectly top off and complete her look. Investing in a couple nice pairs of both black and brown leather boots has always proved to be worth the money to me. I am constantly pulling out my leather boots to complete a look.

Adding these simple pieces to your wardrobe can truly transform your look. Through these simple tips and tricks, you too can achieve a casual and cool look. With a little time and practice, you could be the Fashionista everyone is raving about.