ALL IN THE DETAILS: Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

When you think of the word “sparkle,” what’s usually the first thing to come to mind? Maybe the word “gaudy,” or maybe Marilyn Monroe in her famous pink gown. Beading is just one of those trends that has always seemed to work its way into every brand and season in one way or another. When it’s styled properly, it can be extremely chic. The first thing that I spotted in this Fashionista’s outfit was how tastefully she styled her bejeweled jeans with a statement shoe.

When you have a statement piece, it’s best to pair it with something pretty basic and neutral so that your outfit doesn’t appear too over the top. This Fashionista was feeling bold though and decided to top off the outfit with a bright emerald green top with small, understated cut outs. By forgoing any bulky jewelry, it really played off the rhinestone detailing in her pants. Instead, she chose some simple earrings and a delicate bracelet with a tiny ring.

Pairing a statement jean with a bold shoe is tricky, however this Fashionista did it with ease. Her sequined Sperry Top-Siders are the perfect way to enhance the tiny rhinestones on her pants. They balance the outfit out and are the eye-catching detail that puts the cherry on top of this outfit.

How To: You have a great date planned with that cutie who sits across from you in accounting, but you hardly have time to change after classes. Throw on a pair of dark booties, cuff the bottom of the jeans and add a leather jacket! It’ll be edgy yet understated, and he’ll love it!