ALL IN THE DETAILS: Details Speak Out the Most

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Details Speak Out the Most

I believe that it’s the details in an outfit that make it stand out the way that it does. The main pieces in an outfit can be as simple as a pair of jeans and a plain top, but the way in which you pay attention to details can instantly make the outfit as interesting as ever. This Fashionista spotted on campus is an example of how details in an outfit can do exactly this.

This Fashionista is dressed in jeans and a top—simple right? Yes, it sounds like a simple outfit to go to campus in, but this Fashionista has made sure to make this outfit stand out through the detailing on her clothing pieces. Denim is always the savior of the day and is such a reliable piece of clothing to throw on with anything. Although these are a simple pair of jeans, the detailing on the denim screams attention. The Mickey Mouse badges have made a simple pair of jeans way more interesting by creating a sense of playfulness to the outfit and making the idea of a ‘simple’ outfit much more exciting.

These jeans have been put together with not just your ‘average day’ T-shirt but rather a ruffled blouse. Ruffled blouses are definitely trending at the moment. They have become such a fun piece to have and can be paired with almost anything. The white blouse above has frilled detailing on the shoulders, instantly making this outfit appear more on-trend and chic. Finally, what better way to finish this look than with a belt bag— also known as the fanny pack. The belt bag has been in and out of fashion for a bit, and right now it is definitely a trending item that has made its way back. It’s such a small item to carry, but the metallic material definitely makes this bag stand out. For shoes, this Fashionista stuck to a pair of trusty Converse sneakers in all white.

Altogether, the attention to detailing and accessorizing has made this outfit much more than just a ‘simple’ outfit. It shows that you don’t have to over do it if you’re trying to make a simple outfit stand out from the crowd. You can incorporate as much minimal detailing as possible, and it could instantly make a difference to the basic pieces of your outfit. So the simplest detailing can instantly turn your campus look into something more chic and stylish.