ALL IN THE DETAILS: Denim on Denim

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Denim on Denim

As we leave February behind us, spring lies ahead. That means beautiful warm days await us, and the sun will no longer be going to bed at four in the afternoon anymore. This time of year can be exciting, because we get a sneak peak of spring time weather. Although you will need to break your favorite parka out a few more times, your wardrobe must slowly start to transition into lighter spring attire.

On days when it’s 70 degrees outside, you want to stay cool because the sun is always very strong. However, as soon as the sun disappears behind a cloud, it immediately gets chilly, and you flashback to the reality that it’s not yet spring. In order to have a perfect balance between staying cool and being warm, this outfit is one of the perfect go-tos to help all of you weather confused Fashionistas.
This Fashionista debuts a fabulous denim on denim trend complete with a jean skirt and jean jacket. She rocks a little fluffy pink tank under the jacket to add some spring time flare to the outfit. Since the weather is so beautiful on a 70 degree day, why not break out some sandals? This Fashionista shows off her cute open-toed black sandals, which gives the outfit some more edge. Some cool detail pieces I loved in my models outfit were her jewelry and bag choices. Her layered necklaces popped under the jean jacket and the black choker completely tied together with her shoe choice. The pastel pink backpack did a wonderful job of breaking up all of the denim and also bringing out the light pink in her tank top.

Choosing to double up on denim is such a fierce look. In order to rock this style, you must have some essential pieces to break up all the denim, however, but still allow the denim to be the main focus of the outfit. This Fashionista presented this trend perfectly and totally nailed all the accent pieces.

Only a little bit longer and we will be in full swing of spring. Get those wardrobes #RAD and ready for the beautiful spring that is just around the corner!