ALL IN THE DETAILS: Denim Daydreams

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Denim Daydreams

As we are getting closer to spring break and the sun is out, I have noticed so many cute dresses making appearances all over campus. I particularly love this Fashionista’s look. I knew once I spotted her that I had to snap pictures of her.

This particular Fashionista plays with textures so well. With her velvet choker, denim dress, and faux leather backpack, she is mixing so many different materials. The simple denim dress is a great piece to have for spring. Because it was a little bit chilly this day, this Fashionista pairs it with an off-the-shoulder black top. However, the dress is so versatile that it could be paired with just about anything underneath. The dress could easily be dressed down, as shown in this look, or dressed up. Because of how versatile it is, a denim dress is a must have for the spring season.

In addition to the denim dress, she is wearing a burgundy, velvet choker that adds a small pop of color to the look. In addition to the choker, the other accessories in the look help to complete it. The mini, black backpack is a practical, fun accessory that works well when you are exploring in LA. I love wearing backpacks because they are an easy way to fit all your essentials that you will need for the day. Similarly, the chunky leather sandals are a fun alternative to regular sandals. They add a bit of height to the Fashionista and a more fashionable alternative to flip-flops. These sandals offer a bit of a gladiator vibe to the look and help to spice it up a bit.

I love all of the accessories that this Fashionista uses to complete her look. While the look is somewhat simple, it is great for a warm day of walking around in LA. I am obsessed with denim and cannot wait to see the various ways future Fashionistas wear denim during the spring.