After a week of finals, which may or may not have included staying up late and drinking lots of coffee, it’s safe to say that Spring Break has officially started. Many students are spending this break soaking up the sun somewhere exotic, while others like myself are stuck in our college towns. But that’s totally fine because nothing beats a week of lying around watching Netflix and shopping downtown with friends who are in the same situation as you. With this in mind, the perfect little accessory to carry around this break, no matter where you are this week is a cross-body bag.

These bags are perfect because they are comfortable to wear and are great for walking around anywhere as it’s handsfree. Cross-body bags are great for students on the go this break because you can literally just throw it over your shoulders and you’re good to go. They don’t hold much, but that’s the beauty of it, especially when you’re in a rush. It’s hard to lose anything in it because it’s so compact, which is not the case in a larger bag or backpack. Also, it makes you bring the things that you only need and think are necessary, which is why I love this kind of bag.

This Fashionista uses her cross-body bag to add a pop of color to her outfit. Although her outfit is simple, her trench coat adds an element of class and sophistication to it. Her black booties and leggings with the zipper on the side give the outfit an edgy vibe. Her booties look like a classic staple, and because they’re black, they match everything.

How To: Pair cross-body bags with casual outfits, like jeans and a sweater. However, depending on the style of your cross-body bag, you can get away with wearing it out to dinner or even date night.