After a freezing cold winter, what better way to bring in the spring and summer season than with a crop top. Yes, Fashionistas, crop top season has officially begun. Though it isn’t hot enough to wear just a crop top and shorts. This Fashionista dressed her top up with white pants, a hanging shirt and a comfy heeled boot. A hanging shirt is nothing but a flannel or whatever you prefer tied around your waist. You will never go wrong during the spring time with this ensemble.

Where did the crop top originate from? Here is a little fashion 101 lesson. Let us thank the hipsters of the ’70s that came before us. If it was not for them taking the crop top and popularizing it, sure we would still have them, but they would not be such a craze. Though crop tops are not just a hipster way of life. Early 2000s artists such as P!nk and Gwen Stefani and many others added to pop culture by the crop craze by showing it off in their music videos.

The crop top comes in many different styles, and you can dress it up or dress it down. Crop tops have hit the high fashion runways on many occasions. A blazer, a high-waisted skirt, or as this Fashionista shows, a shirt tied around your waist, will make any crop top look fabulous.

How To: This Fashionista’s look can be duplicated at any one of your favorite stores. First find your crop top and choose an outfit around it. You can never go wrong with flowing shirts, hats, accessories or skirts. Make your crop top your own.