All IN THE DETAILS: Crisp For Spring

College, it’s a magical place, one that none of us ever want to leave; however, now that spring has sprung, campuses all around the country are growing even more magical. Here at Ohio University, the second festival season starts all bets are off. On a bright and sunny Thursday, your day can take you from class straight to hanging out on the patio really fast and your outfit needs to be able to go with the flow. This Fashionisto’s loud shirt and spiffy blazer caught my eye, as it is the perfect outfit for college-aged men this spring.

Now, let’s get down to dissecting what really makes this outfit the go-to look for college guys. Right off the bat, you might think it’s his bright vintage Hawaiian shirt, but it is actually his crisp Michael Kors blazer that brings the look together. Blazers are one of the most iconic pieces in men’s fashion, coming to be in the 1820s in Cambridge; however, as the times have changed, so have the purpose of blazers (and the occasions that they are appropriate for). With all of the different colors and styles they come in, it’s impossible for a fellow to not find his perfect fit. They are the perfect item to take your outfit from day to night; they look respectable in class while still being party-ready (if that right there doesn’t basically explain the average college guy, then I don’t know what will). The open front gives you the chance to layer and rock a tank top, crisp long sleeve shirt or graphic T-shirt. The blazer is a staple item that should be in both men’s and women’s wardrobes and is a must-have piece for spring.

When it comes to the accessories for a look like this, take a note from this Fashionisto’s play book and let the blazer be the star of the show. He kept it simple by throwing on a pair of Sperry Top-Siders and his Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses.

How To: Always envied the blazer look, but didn’t quite know how to rock it? No problem. Just head into your closet, pull out your favorite shirt and some colorful shorts and you’ll be ready to take this spring by storm.