Army surplus stores have been offering civilians a bit of wartime machismo at a fair price for decades. Whether for fashion or for function, camouflage is never really off-trend. The military aesthetic has made its way from runway shows to street style, and now it’s taking over college campuses. For Fashionistos, it’s as relevant as ever.

Although we’re talking camouflage, a print men actually feel comfortable and confident wearing, that doesn’t automatically mean the pattern is the easiest to pull off. However, this Fashionisto was spotted rocking the trend well. He wears a light denim blazer layered over a black and white graphic T-shirt to balance out the bold statement of his pants. Denim complements an endless amount of garments and goes especially well with patterns such as this. His bright camouflage pants are tapered at the bottom and blend perfectly with the slim lines that the rest of the outfit creates. Not to mention, the color combination of camouflage, denim and neutrals creates a look that is both edgy and youthful. He pulls the look together with minimal accessories that consist of his favorite Nike sneakers and watch.

One thing for sure is that camo is a masculine trend that can be incorporated into just about anything. The key to pulling it off, is to only wear one camouflage garment at a time. Moderation is fundamental, so avoid head to toe camo unless you’re aiming to make a statement.

How To: Looking for ways to incorporate camo into your work wardrobe? Go for a more muted tone of camouflage with a straight, slim fit pant. Match it with a with a classic chambray shirt and neutral loafers for a look that is business friendly and even more on-trend.