ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cool With Crochet

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about festival fashion? I picture Vanessa Hudgens in her signature cream, orange and yellow crochet top and acid wash shorts with her feathery hair. A year or so ago crochet became one of the most popular styles and has taken off ever since. If you are ever trying to imitate a ’70s hippie type feel with your outfit, you can’t go wrong with crochet.

This Fashionista incorporated crochet into her outfit perfectly. She included crochet into her outfit in vest form (the best form). This vest paired with a loose pink T-shirt, funky jewelry, Birkenstocks and circular Ray-Bans makes her outfit chill and slightly psychedelic. The navy, orange and white in this crochet vest are mixed into a patterned texture that makes the vest have an Aztec feel to it. Her Birkenstocks tone this down and bring the outfit to a more relaxed state. Crochet is the perfect detail that can spice up any outfit and make it more fun for class or for festivals. Try finding unique pieces that can’t be found anywhere else!

How To: Ask your mom or the women in your family who lived in the ’70s if they have any crochet pieces they saved from their childhood. You can also ask the older women in your family to make something for you (my aunt is always so excited when I ask her to make me something). Or, you can try learning to crochet and create anything your heart desires! Pair crochet with other funky textures, patterns and materials to give your outfit a more relaxed, hippie feel to it.