As the temperature continues to rise here in Ithaca, the number of students walking around campus is increasing exponentially. Many students are ditching their jackets and braving the light spring showers. This Fashionisto took advantage of a particularly warm and sunny day by sporting Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Though sometimes underrated, sunglasses are an important staple to any spring look. Sure, it may get a little cloudy when it rains, but you never know when the winds will blow to reveal a sunny day. Though I don’t typically invest in high end accessories, sunglasses are one of my few exceptions. When taken care of properly, a nice pair of Ray-Ban or Oakley sunglasses can last for years.

One important thing to remember when investing in a pair of sunglasses is actual eye protection. If you’re just looking to make a fashion statement, there’s not much to worry about. However, if you’re expecting your purchase to actually shield your eyes from the sun, make sure to choose a darker lens. Brown lenses aren’t as effective as black lenses, and additions such as polarized lenses can help prevent an annoying glare.

In addition to the classic Ray-Ban or Oakley glasses, it’s a great idea to indulge in a few trendy, lower quality pieces. Though these cheaper glasses may not last as long as a designer pair of shades, the trend will ultimately fade, possibly even before the glasses break. Some of these trendier options include round, cat eye and floral print glasses.

How To: Are you dying to try a pair of colored lenses? Keep the bottom half of your look neutral and choose a complementary top that includes similar shades as your lens color.