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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cool And Neutral

April 1st, 2016 at 2:06am

It’s finally spring, so now it’s time to dress like it. If you’re in a region where the longer days of sunshine are misleading, then it may be in your interest to dress in lighter colors instead of shedding the layers. With a color palette made of cool colors and neutral tones, you can freshen up your wardrobe and still keep warm.

The base of this Fashionisto’s outfit is essential to any college student. Beige slim-fit pants are an alternative from the yellow-toned khakis and are flattering for any occasion. With the cuffs at the hem, they create a playful schoolboy look, showing off his bright pink socks. This style, along with light wash denim, is a must for spring. His look is kept casual with a light blue chambray button-up shirt. Chambrays are the definition of casual, but are structured enough to look put together on a lazy day. Once your outfit has this essential base, you’re almost ready to tackle the new spring air.

An important part of any outfit is how well you can make the common items you have look original. This light gray jacket has the appearance of a modern short trench, which is great for the rainy days of early spring. It ties in with the neutral theme, but its darker shade adds dimension and prevents the look of a uniform. The collar complements this Fashionisto’s collared shirt without overpowering the top of the outfit. Another important feature of an outfit, and my favorite part altogether, is the shoes. It would’ve been easy for this Fashionisto to slip on a more athletic fit sneaker, but this flat bottom pair brings everything back to California cool. Vans are almost a staple for this season, and a neutral pair will fit with any outfit you wear.

How To: Want to wear neutral colors without blending in? Start with a light pair of chinos and a pair of canvas sneakers within that palette.