ALL IN THE DETAILS: Commes Des Garçons x Converse

April 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

April has ultimately been the month of unpredictable weather. The sun shines in the morning and then it downpours in the afternoon and then sometimes, there’s even a windchill in the evening. If it’s not every season in one day, it stretches throughout the week. Transitioning to just complete warmer days is like that awkward hair length after cutting your hair so short. As a Style Guru, it’s hard for me to come up with daily outfits that will coincide with the weather. So I think for all the Fashionista/os out there, it’s hard to put on an ensemble safe enough for the weather.

In my last couple of posts, I repeatedly said that a simplistic canvas is a great way to start an outfit. Another way to start a look is a really good pair of jeans. This Fashionisto is rocking the men’s A.P.C raw denim jeans. It’s flexible to dress down and dress up and it’s certainly versatile to any weather. He dressed this pair of jeans down with a simple red pocket T-shirt. I’m all about the minimalist look over any drastic fashion statements. Today’s forecast said partly cloudy so it was definitely a good wardrobe choice to wear this gray, light parka.

His ensemble may be simple, but what made me stop this Fashionisto are his cool Commes des Garçons Converse shoes. If you’re up to date with the shoe trends, you would know that the plain, white sneakers are definitely in this fashion season. It can complete an all-white ensemble or an all-black outfit. In this case, this Fashionisto chose to complete his simplistic look with the classics.

How To: The saying goes, “April showers brings May flowers.” Follow in this Fashionisto’s footsteps by choosing the minimalist over the drastic wardrobe choices this weather-confused season. Then complete your ensemble with your favorite white sneakers, they don’t have to be the Commes des Garçons Converse.