ALL IN THE DETAILS: Commander in Chic

January 12th, 2015 at 2:10am

Fashionisto, reporting for duty! It is safe to say the military trend is not going anywhere this season. With major appearances on runway shows including Balmain and Isabel Murant, the utility trend pushed its way to the forefront of the fashion world. Designers have used the camouflage palette of greens, khakis and mustards to portray several military-inspired trends. The look has graced the covers of a plethora of magazines as well as played a starring role in urban street style. What makes this style so diverse and widespread? The warm colors that make up the utility trend are flattering and easy to match with other pieces in our closets. It is an easy trend to interpret, making it one of the more wearable looks this season.

This Fashionisto’s thrifted camouflage jacket caught my eye. I liked the authenticity of the piece. Areas where patches were once sewed can still be seen on the sleeves. The wear and tear tells a story. The piece also holds many areas for storage. With several large pockets, inside and out, this Fashionisto doesn’t feel the need to carry a knapsack. All of his school supplies fit comfortably in his outerwear.

Paying homage to the American flag, he wore a black and white stars and stripes shirt underneath his army jacket. The contrast of the green hues with the sharp black and white stood out and added some interesting detail to his look. He kept his kicks simple with a clean pair of white leather slip-ons, a sneaker that is both comfortable and dashing for a college student on the run. He finished off his ensemble with a pair of black joggers that tie together the specks of black found throughout his look.

This Fashionisto graduates my fashion boot camp with perfect marks. Over and out, Fashionistas/os!

How To: One piece is all it takes to transport your outfit to military chic. In other words, a forest green anorak can go a long way. The piece looks great layered over a little black dress for a girl’s night out or over a T-shirt and jeans for a more subdued evening.