ALL IN THE DETAILS: Combating Snow During Spring

April 28th, 2017 at 2:00am

Just when we thought we were done with winter, snow starts falling from the sky. However, in Minnesota, you should be expecting this until April at least. Oh the struggle to brighten your closet with the arrival of spring clothes only to dig through for a heavy jacket and a pair of snow boots. However, there are still ways to bring in subtle spring vibes while staying warm and cozy in winter threads.

To combat this snowy week before spring break, this Fashionista opted for a sweater that provides warmth and a little show of skin to keep the hopes of spring alive. Underneath, she chose to peak her halter lace bralette out to add a tinge of lavender to this outfit. She then chose a pair of black leggings that would tuck in perfectly to a pair of taupe riding boots. Although riding boots are a more fall staple, this taupe color is light enough to be incorporated into a colder spring day or until the snow melts.

For her makeup, this Fashionista chose to add a light lavender eyeliner on top, matching her bralette. Then she swiped on a few coats of mascara and a pair of stud diamond earrings. She had a simple, natural look that still leaves a pop with the lavender eyeliner.

This simple look is perfect to look adorable and comfortable midweek as the snow continues to fall. Add a coffee mug full of hot chocolate and marshmallows for a perfect accessory worth rocking.

Be sure to check in with me next month, where hopefully the has snow melted and spring is in full bloom.