The month of February screams love, especially with Valentine’s Day being right around the corner. We see many shades of pink, a color palette that brings out the girly side of us Style Gurus. But instead of the typical dress look, 2017 is all about standing out from the crowd and making a statement. So just how can you turn just another holiday outfit into a non-stop photo opportunity?

Take this Fashionista as a prime example. Decked out in all pink—that’s right, same hue and everything—she knew how to pull off the same shade without being too overbearing. First, with her pleated midi skirt, she layered a turtleneck sweater over it, two patterns that flowed beautifully together. February is cold for us up north, and adding a chunky sweater to your outfit is sure to keep you warm (and comfy). For her footwear, she took a break from the pink and threw on some snakeskin booties: a bold move that she totally pulled off and added some fun to her look. Her purple Kate Spade purse added a whole new level of chic to her outfit, a surprising color that made her outfit that much edgier.

A trend that I’ve always loved is throwing patterns and pieces together that not necessarily go together, but when styled right, can make an outfit that is truly one of a kind. Another notably rad aspect of this Fashionista is the accessories she finished off with. From cute rings, cat earrings, quirky bracelets to an off-the-shoulder purple purse, she knew exactly how to put this chic piece together.

When it comes to details, have fun with your accessories and color palette this month! Play with pink tones, channel your sweet and feminine side and don’t forget to share the love this month.