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March 17th, 2017 at 2:06am

It is an abnormally warm winter day, but with the ever changing weather, layering is essential. With the weather a bit cloudy, his coloring reflects the sky and the mood. What caught my eye was the shade of the blue parka. It’s often more that parkas are olive green or black. Upon closer observation, I noticed how the hardware and muted accents in his outfit all integrated with each other.

This Fashionisto invested in a few key basic pieces that adheres to his usual color palette. His main piece is his blue parka that has a removable hood for the rainy days. It has several pockets for added detailing and versatility including a breastpocket for extra storage. The subtle gold hardware is accented by the plaid pattern on the inside of the jacket. For added warmth, he wears a black peacoat which peeks out ever so slightly at the top. Beneath he styles a marled crewneck sweater for some warmth. For bottoms, he put on lightwash jeans, which he carefully cuffed to fully reveal his brown Frye lace-up boots, to not clash with the blue of his jacket. The slight worn material of the boots compliment the leather belt. Hints of brown and gold in his outfit bring further attention to the hidden plaid pattern of his jacket. To accessorize, he sports a black steel mesh watch with a blue face: a thin, small, timeless piece. The black North Face backpack further suits the neutral color palette.

It’s the understated details that coalesce the look fit for a breezy, yet unusually warm winter day.