ALL IN THE DETAILS: Classic And Casual

Although it’s tempting to only buy bold, beautiful and unique clothing (something I’ve always struggled with), it’s just as important to have classic staples in your closet as well. As much as you love bright sweaters and patterned blouses, time-honored, traditional pieces are something every Fashionista needs to balance out her wardrobe.

A simple blouse and blue jeans are the building blocks of any closet. This flowy white button-down is cool and breezy during hot Florida days. It can be paired with dress pants for a more professional atmosphere or with palazzo pants for a boho vibe. Although the blouse is on the nicer side, the jeans dress the outfit down.

There is a fine line between simple and boring, so be sure to add accessories to this sort of outfit. This Fashionista is keeping it uncomplicated, with stud earrings and a large gold watch to amp things up. The nude cross-body purse is plain enough to keep the outfit simple, but detailed enough to not be boring. The sandals are casual, but the white, gold and brown coloring keep everything looking put together. Despite the lack of color in this outfit, this Fashionista’s accessories take her outfit from plain to classy.

How To: Start simple, with a plain blouse and blue jeans. Then, add detail to the outfit with classic but bold accessories, like jewelry or a handbag. Be sure to keep the colors neutral, but not boring! A watch and a purse can transform any outfit.