ALL IN THE DETAILS: Chunky Knits for Chilly Days

Going to a liberal arts university allows individuals to be exposed to people, places, and views that are different from their own. This newfound freedom experienced by college students is often expressed within the clothes they choose to wear. Often the change is more dramatically seen within female students. However, that does not mean male students are exempt.

Living a short distance off campus allows to me enjoy a little walk to class every day. During this short walk, I cross the path of many of my fellow well-dressed classmates. At first, I would nervously avoid eye contact and trace the shape of the sidewalk with my gaze as I was headed to class. However, I soon began to raise my gaze to appreciate someone’s outfit and was faced with the fact that many of my favorite outfits were worn by men.

Wintertime in Iowa leaves its residents in icicle form for a few months so of course, my favorite male winter look involves a chunky wool sweater. A nice chunky sweater is great for anyone wanting to add both texture and comfort to their outfit. This particular sweater worn by a student at the University of Iowa has small detailing in the pattern that brings a classic touch to this look. Sometimes sweaters look too much like a throw blanket and lack any real shape. This sweater does the opposite of that by having a heavy stitch running down the center of the sweater and a thick neckline creating structure. The creamy color of this sweater is matched well with a light pair of khakis and a classic leather shoe to pull together a delightfully warm toned outfit. The heavy wool texture in the sweater is offset by the smooth clean texture in the leather shoes.

The combination of color tones and texture gives this outfit a sophisticated look while still remaining cozy.

Don’t be afraid to draw inspiration from others when creating your own outfits and always remember to make it your own!