ALL IN THE DETAILS: Chokers and Ripped Jeans

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Chokers and Ripped Jeans

Chokers have continued to stay trendy, and I love to see the new ways people are styling them and the new designs that we are seeing! There really is a choker for everyone now. Chokers feel a little edgy, so styling distressed jeans along with them is a cool way to complement an outfit. Ripped jeans are something I will always love, they never seem to go out of style.

This Fashionista took the distressed denim trend, along with the choker trend, and made in into an easy, effortless look. The denim jacket is what I love most about this outfit! Throwing denim in with an all black outfit looks so edgy and on trend. This is a perfect outfit to throw on for a day out shopping or coffee date. The black booties bring the outfit full circle, and reassure that laid-back, cool girl vibe. You could also throw on some Adidas or any pair or sneakers to make this look more casual.

Don’t be afraid to layer chokers with other necklaces! It can add so much to your look. This Fashionista put on a longer necklace in addition to her choker. It just brings a little extra detail to the look. Also, this look would be fab with an oversized distressed denim jacket, to bring a more grungy feel to the outfit.

Make it your own! It’s so fun to see what other Fashionistas are wearing, and then taking that style and coordinating it with your  personal style! I love to take ideas from what I see on the street, and then tweak it to fit me and what I like.