October 19th, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s all about the little things. Whether it’s thin, thick, metal, lace or velvet, the must-have accessory is the choker. The ’90s nostalgia trend has been reborn.

But why a choker? Why a piece of jewelry that’s less comfortable then a loose necklace and wraps tightly around your neck? How did this even begin? The nineteenth century fashion craze for the chokers peaked around 1900 because of Queen Alexandra of Denmark. She wore one to hide a small scar, and from on there the trend began.

They are simple, adaptable and revolutionize any look into the ultimate embellishment that this season embraces. They can match any style, aura or occasion, so it’s a good idea to stock up on different ones: dainty ribbons, chunky statements or elastic wraps.

Here are some choker ideas. If you are looking for a minimalist look, wear a plain, solid colored outfit with a delicate choker for a bit of poise and tastefulness. If you still want a simple necklace with a detailed twist, try a choker with some little studs to shine your neck. If you like pendant necklaces, try a plain choker with a hanging charm. If you are looking for a decoration piece, find a choker with gems, rhinestones, crystals, pearls or diamonds. Lastly, if you want a DIY choker without making a purchase, find a scarf or even a bandana to solve the problem.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with them! Layer your choker with some other jewelry, especially more long necklaces. Dress the look up with some diamonds or pearls, but for a more casual, everyday look, mix your daily jewelry and add the choker to encompass this edgy, chic trend.

Chokers are easy accessories to reshape a monotonous outfit into something lucidly fashion-forward. Being that they are on your neck, and so close to your face, they not only bring an outfit together, but they also shape your face perfectly.

Are chokers the new friendship bracelet? It seems like every girl squad wears them together. Grab your friends and go get some matching necklaces!