ALL IN THE DETAILS: Chain Game On Point

Sometimes it is easier to go with our basic T-shirt and favorite pair of jeans than have to create an entire outfit for class. By the end of the semester, all we’re thinking about is getting through those finals. What better way to spice up your outfit than by adding one simple accessory? Cue the new hot trend of the body chain.

Your body chain can get some more use aside from beach and pool days, especially if the weather where some Fashionista’s are may not be bathing suit ready. This Fashionista’s body chain is different from most that I have seen, which is why I loved the way she wore it. The outfit she is wearing with the chain goes together well because it doesn’t take away from the chain and makes the design of it standout.

This Fashionista wore high-waisted maroon pants and a black mid drift T-shirt that she layered with a jean shirt. Beyond the use of her body chain as her main accessory, she styled her outfit with a fringe shoulder bag. Her combat boots, bag and chain gave this outfit an overall grunge yet casual look. This outfit is perfect for running to class while acing that final in style.

How To: As you can see, there are many ways to incorporate a chain like this Fashionista did. Don’t limit the possibilities of your accessory. Simply add it to any basic outfit like our Fashionista has done, or you can use it with a more dressy look such as a cute sundress.