ALL IN THE DETAILS: Captivated By Capes

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Captivated By Capes

This statement piece goes by many names: the cloak, the trench or the inverness coat, for example. Upon hearing the word “cape,” one may imagine Wonder Woman flying through the sky, serving up justice on a silver platter. However, in today’s fashion world, the cape has a whole other significance.

We’ve all been there; while a wool winter jacket is cozy and protective, wearing it day after day becomes repetitive. What’s more, this dependable jacket may not be a Fashionista’s go-to in the warmer transition weeks between winter and spring. Coordinate with the unpredictable weather by incorporating an unexpected oversized cape.

This New York City Fashionista nails the trend. The neutral gray color of her oversized cape allows the emphasis to be placed upon its silhouette. As this shape is a more revolutionary trend, avoiding bold patterns and bright colors is a smart move so as to not overwhelm the eye. What’s more, the belted look is key in this ensemble. Oversized capes, as the name indicates, may be perceived as unflattering by the way they can swallow a Fashionista’s frame. By securing a knot around her waist, this Fashionista avoids this issue and can wander the city streets with finesse and femininity. She also coordinates her pants and cherry brown boots well by maintaining a relatively monochromatic look.

Whether your style is sporty, minimalistic or classic a demure cape is definitely a great way to shake up your pre-spring wardrobe.

How To: After finding the perfect oversized cape that makes you feel like a superhero, simply pair it with skinny jeans and either tall or short boots, all in neutral colors. Knot a belt around your waist and you’re ready to fly.