ALL IN THE DETAILS: Canadian Tuxedo

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Canadian Tuxedo

Possibly the greatest Canadian tuxedo of all time can be attributed to the 2001 American Music Awards when Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears fulfilled our teenage dreams. Considering denim on denim has long been deemed a faux-pas, some might face the combination with hesitancy; however, the true blue separates are more of a basics double-whammy if you will. This Purdue Fashionisto thought so as well. The great thing about basics is that they can always use a little something— that’s where the details come in.

This Fashionisto’s jacket alone came with a few surprises. Not only is the jean jacket‘s construction impeccable, but it is detailed with stitching, gold buttons, and a marigold, corduroy collar. To combat the cold, he layered a denim shirt of a different wash and a charcoal puffer vest underneath. To complete the tuxedo, he added a pair of dark jeans to complement the jacket and detailed with a slight cuff to accentuate his colorful ankles.

To add some color to this muted ensemble, this Fashionisto opted for a pair of orange and black striped socks—a note for all men, whimsical socks are always a functional way to add a pop of color and personality to your everyday. Speaking of personality, this detail connoisseur topped off his street style-esque look with a pair of white sneakers, accentuated with a darling heart, and accessorized with black Diesel backpack.

A cuff here, a stitch there, a hint of texture, and a pop of color can really go a long way and transform any outfit, ultimately giving a nod to your undeniable style.