There are always those perfect days that you get in winter that make you think that spring is approaching much faster than it is. Well, when I ran into this Fashionisto on campus he was rocking the perfect look for the perfect weather. He chose to keep the layering light, and add in some pants that he created himself!

No matter what the season is leather jackets never go out of style! This Fashionisto chose to pair a light leather jacket with a plain cream hoodie with a long white t-shirt underneath. The layering of the shirt and jackets show through the lengths of each item. The cream-colored sweatshirt matches perfectly with the shirt and jacket to make the perfect end of winter look.

My favorite thing about this whole entire outfit is the pants. This Fashionisto took the time to cut and sew them together to get the perfect look. The way that the camo goes together with each piece of this look brings out his own personal style. Plus, camo isn’t just making a cameo, it is back for the long run. Everyone can have fun with camo and play around with it to make it their own personal style, that is just what this Fashionisto did. The boots also add to the army look that he has going on with the bottom, but pair well with the grungier vibe he is giving on the top.

This Fashionisto embraced the comeback of camo and paired it with simple yet statement pieces. He also took the layering aspect of winter and played around with it to create his own form of keeping warm but staying stylish.