When I think of belt buckles I think of John Wayne and the rodeo. It’s not a very fashionable image. But more and more lately I’ve been seeing people wear belt buckles in an actually fashionable way. It’s like the South has risen again. Not only are more and more people wearing them, but instead of them being gaudy and obnoxious they actually add to the outfit. It is so easy to overdo an outfit by adding too many accessories. I have so many days when I put on a pair of earrings I think will look good and then when I look in the mirror it’s completely overdone. But when you find the perfect piece to complement your outfit, it doesn’t just go, it finishes the look. A belt buckle, like any accessory, adds a little extra something to whatever outfit it’s paired with.

This Fashionisto wore his great grandfather’s beautiful marble belt buckle with this outfit. The blue streaks running through the buckle complement his blue-gray shirt perfectly. This outfit would be fine without the belt, but adding it creates a unique focal point that elevates the outfit to a whole other place. This Fashionisto proves that you don’t have to be a bull rider to rock a belt buckle.

How To: Belt buckle, like most things, are easily found on the internet. Something like this is neutral enough to pair with some jeans and a nice T-shirt. If it’s cold outside, then adding a cozy beanie and warm jacket can’t hurt either.