What do this Fashionista and the brick wall behind her have in common? They are both flawlessly color-blocking with similar-looking colors. Her varsity jacket brings together the two main colors of her outfit and still stands out as the key item. Color-blocking allows for maximum cool with minimal effort. This style tip is exactly the type of thing we all need in our busy lives.

This Fashionista color-blocks by sticking to two general color families. The brown leather of her sleeves is a slightly lighter shade than the brown leather of her shoes, which adds some variety. Her oxford shoes also feature some light detailing which creates a subtle contrast with the stronger details of her jacket. Finally, her jeans pull together these two classic statement pieces harmoniously. This look is put together and well thought-out but easy enough to throw on at a moment’s notice. It’s the perfect outfit no matter what you’re up to.

I only have one question: does everyone on this Fashionista’s team get varsity jackets like that? Pick me! I can’t play sports, but I can play hooky…that counts, right?

How To: Cold on your way to class and hot on your way back? Find yourself changing outfits an average of three times a day? Try wearing a jacket like this Fashionista’s with a slip dress and some low-top sneakers for a playful, sporty look. As Smith College inches closer and closer to spring temperatures, we need to find more creative ways to deal with these awkward in-between days.