ALL IN THE DETAILS: Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend ripped jeans! These oversized denim pieces are a must in everyone’s closet. Besides being super stylish, they add a bit of street style and casualness to every single look. You can dress them up or down, sneakers or heels, blouses or T-shirts. It is an easy piece that can be worn in several different occasions. Even though these are very simple pieces, you can still wear them on a date, a shopping day or even a girl’s night out!

Ever wonder how to pull off ripped boyfriend jeans without looking like you were too lazy to actually plan an outfit? This Fashionista definitely nailed that job. I saw her roaming the streets of Boston and I could not keep my eyes away. I loved how she picked very simple pieces and put them together to create a beautiful and stylish outfit. Even though it’s technically spring, the weather does not seem to agree with the season. Yet, she still managed to pull off ripped jeans and sandals! What is not to love?

This Fashionista decided she was going to build a simple outfit using easy pieces. To begin, she picked a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans. These pants always add a grungy style to every look; besides, they help elongate the body, especially when paired up with heels. To bring out the colors of the spring, she decided to wear a white blouse. White brings brightness to the overall look. To protect herself from the winds of Boston, she put on a beige leather jacket. Even though these jackets are light, they still have to power of keeping you very warm.

How To: Are you done with winter? Are you ready to bring out your spring essentials from the back of your closet? Look no further. Inspire yourself with this Fashionista’s look. Pick your favorite boyfriend jeans and top it off with a simple but classy white blouse. To add a little bit of warmth to the outfit, choose your best leather jacket! For the cherry on top, throw on your most comfy pair of sandals with a colorful bag and you will be ready to go in no time!