I’m going to be honest; stripes have always intimidated me, but for good reason. If worn incorrectly, they can be just as much of fashion faux pas as they can be chic. Paired with a beret and loafers, you run the risk of looking like a try-hard Parisian. Likewise, wearing bold, colorful stripes could lead you to find yourself in a hellish rendition of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. So where does the in-between lie? Well, that depends on the person. After experimenting with stripes in high school and stealing a few fashion tips from friends, I have come to learn that stripes (bold, thin or paired with polka dots) can work for just about anyone no matter his or her personal style.

When I asked this Fashionista to bring her A-game and model an original outfit, I was not disappointed. I immediately fell in love with her bold, shirt dress because it is a piece that is extremely unique and one that can’t be pulled off by just anyone. The material is soft and airy, which is perfect for when this Fashionista might be running late and needs to look ultra-chic in a short amount of time. While she could have worn a belt to cinch her waist, it would have clashed too harshly with the deep green and blue stripes (Note: try a belt only on a dress that has thin stripes, otherwise it’ll look too clunky against thicker stripes). Another aspect of the dress that is noteworthy is the way in which this Fashionista buttoned the dress all the way to the collar. For a more casual look, button the dress up only to the middle of the chest and adorn a delicate necklace to draw attention to the collarbone.  Lastly, her metallic slip-ons proved to be the perfect casual shoe for walking around the idyllic, gothic Fordham campus.

How To: If you aren’t as bold as this Fashionista, try going for a more refined stripe such as a French stripe. Thin stripes are flattering for most figures, and if you pair a French striped top with a pair of boyfriend jeans, you’re guaranteed a classic look. Want to go for a more preppy ensemble? Wear a white, striped dress with gold Jack Rogers.