Those who are willing to take risks are the people who make fashion statements. There’s a time and place for conformity, but it is in style that we have the opportunity to let our individuality shine through. The winter blues have many people resorting to stocking their closets with dull, lifeless colors. It’s time for a revival.

Giving life to your basics can be as easy as adding a funky pattern. This Fashionista is wearing a leopard print jacket as a statement piece. Animal print exudes confidence and a fierce personality. While many are afraid to take risks, this Fashionista is loud and proud.

The key to rocking a fun pattern is balance. This Fashionista takes a classic little black dress and pairs it with patterned outerwear. It gives this look a casual vibe for an everyday look. Dresses are a great choice if you are struggling to find a shirt and pants or a skirt. Her modern leather watch is (ironically) a timeless accessory. She adds a classic red lipstick for a subtle and effective pop of color. Her footwear of choice is a pair of strappy buckled wedges. These shoes are perfect when you want to add a classy touch, without the pain of heels.

Bold fashion statements don’t require purchasing a whole new wardrobe. It’s all about throwing unique items together to create a new look that is uniquely you. When choosing items, think about what you are comfortable wearing and then slowly take steps outside that comfort zone.