I decided to switch it up this week with menswear and will be addressing all of my Fashionisto readers out there. Although, it is important to note that this trend can also apply to my fellow Fashionistas as well.

With the help of Tom Ford, I think we are all aware of the importance of a well tailored suit. A suit that fits impeccably is stylish and also grabs peoples attention due to the fine details incorporated. I believe that every Fashionisto should have a well tailored suit in both black and navy, so that your ready to look polished and dressy when it’s needed. However, not all occasions call for a full suit, and so this is where a blazer or sport coat comes into play.

Once spring hits, it’s easy for us girls to pull out our dresses and bright prints, but what are the guys to do? An easy solution is to invest in a bold colored blazer. Wearing a black blazer in the spring can seem heavy and somber and may not be appropriate for the occasion. This Fashionisto exemplifies how a bright colored blazer can work on many different levels. His bright red blazer is paired with a light chambray button-up and navy tie. For pants, he wears a simple pair of khakis, a brown belt and brown leather boots. To accessorize, he wears a pair of wide-rimmed glasses to add to the sophisticated and smart look, as well as an intricate black watch. As a photographer, it is important for him to look professional but to also demonstrate his own personal style and uniqueness. My favorite element of his outfit is the pattern on his cuffed blazer; this acts as an “accessory” for men. It is popular to have a bright print as the lining in suit and blazer jackets, which adds interest and personality. Here is a redyellowchambray or linen blazer similar to his.

How To: Try pairing a bold color with simpler items. Since his blazer is a bold color, the khakis and simple button-up downplays the look. He sticks with primary colors, which helps the look stay cohesive. It is easy to get stuck in a rut and and go back to the staple black blazer, but as the television show Mad Men has proven, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with different blazers, and spring is the time to do so!