Details can add so much more to an outfit. They can help complete a look. That is why accenting your outfits is a must! I spotted this Fashionista hanging around the Fashion School at Kent State University and immediately noticed all of the bold details in her outfit.

She is definitely pulling off a ’90s inspired look that is so popular right now. The first thing I noticed was her jean jacket. Jean jackets are so trendy at the moment. I think pairing it with a soft sweater helps make it more suitable for the cold days we have here in Ohio. It is totally a casual piece that helps make a bold statement. The next thing I noticed were her distressed black denim pants. I took a closer look and saw that she was wearing tricot mesh stockings underneath! Talk about adding a bold statement to a piece. They really helped set the grungy ‘90s tone of the outfit.

She then chose to pair a bunch of black accessories to her outfit to help reinforce her outfit theme. She is wearing a black choker that immediately adds a bit of a statement to her outfit. It helps bring the grunge to the top half of her outfit which is a bit softer with the pink sweater and soft lining of the jean jacket. She also is wearing ankle boots with silver hardware and a black backpack that complete the look.

Finally, she touches the look off with some detailed rings that add a bit of color. Overall, this look could not be pulled off without all of the details and thought put into it. So it is truly safe to say that this outfit is “all in the details.”