ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bohemian Vibes

May 11th, 2015 at 2:00am

As spring semester ends and summer break begins, the bohemian look has become immensely popular since the debut of the recent Coachella festival. Whether you are wearing an outfit that screams “flower power” or some type of boho-chic look, chances are you took style advice from that music and arts festival. Personally, I believe that the bohemian styles are cute. They aren’t what they were in the ’60s and ’70s, but the eccentric nature of them always had me intrigued.

As soon as I saw this Fashionista, I immediately pegged her as wearing a boho-chic ensemble. The most important piece from her ensemble would have to be her bohemian elephant scarf. The blue and white print sets the tone of the rest of the outfit. With this set of colors and print, the rest of the outfit was able to be mostly neutral. Not to mention, the way she wore the scarf like a shawl was totally original. I have never seen someone tie a scarf like that.

The way she pairs her scarf with a cute, simple, white sundress is absolutely almost-summer worthy. The white dress shows that she is ready for summer to begin and that all eyes are off her clothes and on her accessories, like the scarf. The other accessories tied into her ensemble fit right in with her boho-chic look. Her bold, two-toned earrings and chunky bracelets added on perfectly to complete her outfit. Her elephant bracelets were the perfect warm color addition to this cool colored ensemble, creating a great balance between colors. Overall, her ensemble shows how ready she is for summer.

How To: When styling a bohemian scarf, the scarf is usually the center of an ensemble. Want to be a little more daring? Mix and match patterns. Instead of wearing this scarf with a simple white dress, pair it with boho patterned pants. It makes the outfit that much more interesting and fun because of the different patterns.