ALL IN THE DETAILS: Blue Prerogative

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Blue Prerogative

Hello Fashionistas! Today we are going to focus on an important aspect of any outfit: accessories. Whether you prefer statement pieces, or dainty jewelry you can wear every day, styling your accessories can either make or break your look. When choosing your accessories I always like to start with focusing on metals like gold and silver. Depending on the colors and patterns in your outfit, one metal might look better than another.

Here I found a fellow Fashionista wearing this stunning blue jumpsuit, with a white blazer, and some snake-skin flats. The white blazer makes a statement on its own and pops amazingly against this gorgeous blue hue, and the snake-skin flats were a nice choice of texture to add dimension to this look. For this specific outfit she chose to wear silver based accessories. Silver worked great with the colors of this look and against her skin tone.

The necklace was a statement piece that drew attention to her neck and face. Choosing between a statement necklace and a dainty one is important when you are trying to accentuate certain features. If you like dainty jewelry you could wear several silver necklaces with thin chains, to achieve a more subtle effect.

Arm candy is a Fashionistas best friend, which means that you should style your pieces wisely! She chose to layer her Pandora bracelet with another bangle to add a little sparkle without being over bearing. A ring on the same hand tops it off perfectly!

If you want to shop any of these pieces make sure you click the blue links! Until next time!