Denim: the ultimate wardrobe staple of every 20-something-year-old. Mix and match with denim, attire in denim from daytime to nighttime, play it casual, or dress your denim to the nines. Wear your denim as pants, cutoff shorts, or a ’90s-inspired mini skirt. From relaxed boyfriend styles to chic super skinny to retro flare jeans—the versatility is infinite. Top off your outfit with a denim jacket. Even accessorize with denim: sport a denim baseball cap or rock a denim choker. There are countless ways to do denim on the daily.

Do you want your denim ensemble to shine? From arts and crafts to revamping your shopping strategies, up your denim game by personalizing those basic jean pieces.

Channel your inner artist to detail your denim. Add vibrant patches and pins to the vintage jean jacket you found at the local thrift shop. Patches and pins range from flowers, to kissing lips, to donuts, to stars, to words and phrases. Why not wear a heart on your sleeve? Steve Madden, Mango, and Urban Outfitters make tons of trendy patches and pins, so crafting your new, individualized jean jacket will be so simple and so affordable.

If sewing is not in your skills repertoire, then grab paint and a paintbrush. Illustrate vibrant colors and eccentric designs on your mom’s hand-me-down jeans for the ultra hip paint-splattered look. The power of fashion originality is in your hands.

To create denim details sans paint or a needle and a thread, just accessorize. Take your distressed boyfriend jeans from ordinary to fashion-forward by layering fishnet stockings underneath.

Not quite the artistic type? Do not fret it. Unique denim pieces are hanging on the racks of your favorite stores, courtesy of designers and professional seamstresses.

Color-block denim is all the rage right now. With two shades of blue on your pants, your denim is already next level. Topshop is home to a collection of the color-block denim craze.

To stay relevant to the biker chic fad, look out for leather and denim mixed items. Whether it is a black moto coat with denim sleeves or jeans with leather pockets, this combination is far from basic.

Embrace the embroidery details. If sewing patches is not your forte, take advantage of the designer’s artwork on denim. Go for the girly, bohemian vibe with vivid flowers embroidered on a denim mini skirt. Find embroidery on all sorts of denim pieces at Free People, H&M, and Topshop.

With festival season around the corner, do not settle for monochromatic, plain, untouched, ordinary, blue jean denim pieces. Add personal flare, be artsy, and detail your denim. Life is too short to wear basic blue jeans, baby!