ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bling-Bling Detailing

As the weather is getting warmer these days, you can finally see different colors in the school. Pink is always the first color when people think about spring. I feel that too, although I do not have pink items in my closet. If you think your outfit is little boring, bling-bling items or details in the clothes are always good sparkles.

This Fashionista chooses a pink plaid jacket which seems really special and feels like spring. There are many crystal and colorful stones on the jacket. These little details make this jacket more interesting. Also, she uses a black strip as a belt to show off her body shape and make her legs seem longer. Inside the jacket, she chooses a white sweater which can keep her warm and does not make her have many layers. She chooses simple jeans to incorporate with her complex outwear. This pair of black sneakers balances her whole look.

I love her purple shoulder bag. Purple matches with her pink jacket perfectly and makes her whole look elegant. She wears a pair of sterling earrings with small diamonds in it. There are many ways you can include shiny items with your look. A necklace, a set of rings or a simple detail on your shoes or sunglasses could be the “bling-bling” point.

How To: Want to make your look interesting? You want to make your style be a talking topic? A bling-bling element would be a good choice to fix these problem. Do not be shy to put on some shiny elements into your daily look.