ALL IN THE DETAILS: Blatantly Bold

There are no clouds, and the birds are chirping. But most importantly, the sun is out. It is finally warming up in Ann Arbor, which means bright clothing is finally going to make an appearance. As if this Fashionisto’s shirt is not eye-catching enough with the word “PSYCHO” on it, it is also glaringly red. With one glance at his outfit, you know he is very interested in fashion. His long sleeve shirt is fun to wear and also makes for a bold statement piece that one cannot ignore.

This Fashionisto is a great example of how to dress during transition weather. From his black ASOS jeans to his long sleeve shirt, he is dressed appropriately for spring. His red shirt is from Supreme’s fall/winter 2014 collection. Supreme is extremely popular for both sexes since the brand boasts pieces that scream street style and “downtown fashion.” He is ready for sunny days as he dons classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers with black frames. Lastly, this Fashionisto finishes his daring look with red shoes, which are a perfect complement to his shirt.

How To: Find a bold shirt, whether it is brightly colored, printed or displays a word/phrase like this Fashionisto’s. Experiment and find which type of daring shirt you like best. Pair a simple pair of black pants or dark jeans so the outfit does not look too busy. For shoes, you can be like this Fashionisto and match them with the shirt. If you’re not feeling that bold, pair black or white shoes with this look. Last but not least, wear a pair of sunglasses, and you’re ready for a fun spring day.