ALL IN THE DETAILS: Blanket Fashion

I hate being cold. I absolutely despise it. It has always been a dream of mine to carry a blanket with me to class so you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I received the news: blanket scarves have emerged for their debut! Not only do I enjoy my own stash, but I find enjoyment from observing others’ scarves as well. Blanket scarves are so large that I can spot one from a mile away so it makes sense that I had to stop this Fashionista, share my love for her scarf and write an entire article about it.

The pattern that is the most prominent with blanket scarves this season is plaid. This Fashionista played it safe by sticking with a gray and black scarf from T.J.Maxx to match everything. The colors are not the only elements that make this accessory versatile. Blanket scarves can be worn numerous ways, including as a shawl, tied in a front knot, simply draped over each shoulder or wrapped around the neck, which is what this Fashionista chose. To make your life a little easier, here’s a link that shows you a number of ways to wear your blanket scarf!

This Fashionista decided to accessorize her scarf by layering it on top of her simple white button-up shirt and destroyed denim. The selvage on the edges of the scarf make sense with the holes in her jeans. To prove that she is a fashion student she slipped into her ALDO brown heels, pulled out her aviators and strutted to her photo shoot.

How To: Show off your blanket fashion by experimenting with different colors and styles. Pair this accessory with American Eagle Outfitters destroyed denim and sandals. Who knew a blanket could be so fashionable? Mom, watch out. I’m coming for your throws next.